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    WeRun community

    Connect with the groups

    WeRun allows you to join groups to commence your fitness journey. You can also create your groups before you set out.

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    Create a route

    With WeRun, create unique running tracks for your group. Get wild with the terrain and increase your difficulty levels as you go ahead!

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    Run with WeRun

    Select a convenient date, time, groups, and route for yourself and set out for your run.

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    A community that motivates you for a healthier future.

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    Get, Set, Go

    Peak into WeRun's unique and never-seen-before in-built app features.

    • Run with groups
    • Plan your route
    • Pick convenient slots
    • Get rewards
    Run with groupsPlan your routePick convenient slotsGet rewards

    Run with various groups

    With WeRun, you don’t have to go for lonely jogs anymore. Connect with like-minded people in a 10-100 mile radius, and set out on interactive running sessions!

    Plan your route

    Go crazy with an exhaustive map. Run through parks, off-road terrains, or even valleys! Select a route that excites you and your group and run-off for the day!

    Pick convenient slots

    WeRun understands your lifestyle and allows you to choose flexible dates and timeslots that suits you the best.

    Get rewards

    Isn’t it a treat to get rewarded over running? Now, with WeRun, you will be rewarded as you accomplish multiple milestones on the app!

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    Unravel an innovative take on fitness with WeRun

    Add excitement to your basic jogging routine with WeRun. Connect with groups, meet with like-minded people, and go gaga with your take on fitness. With flexible slots, maps, and groups, running never seemed more engaging!


    Sage Rlee

    I can track all the running schedule on this app and select an optiongroup accordingly. The app has everything to bring you to the track.

    Sage Rlee

    Sala Abal

    5 stars for such a simple yet so important feature of joining running groups.

    Sala Abal

    John Taylor

    The app motivates you enough to join one of its groups and be a part of its fitness lovers running schedules

    John Taylor

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